覚え書き ー 欧州債務危機の足どり

Angela Merkel and Mario Monti hold talks in Rome, while Greece prepares for a visit from the Troika, who will assess the country's progress in implementing its €173bn bailout programme.
Italian and Spanish bond yields spike upwards as Mario Draghi fails to give any hint about further bond-buying by the European Central Bank.
US markets expected to sink on opening after disappointing jobs data fell far short of expectations and caused concerns about the strength of the economic recovery.
ECB President Mario Draghi Spanish gives testimony to the EU Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee as Spanish borrowing hit danger levels ahead of eurozone finance ministers' meeting.
French president says policy to raise taxes for the highest earners is "not a punishment," as Sir Mervyn King warns of the damaging effect of the euro crisis on Britain and businesses around the world.
Riot police and protesting miners have clashed in Madrid as the Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy announces more sweeping austerity measures, including a rise in VAT and other taxes, and increases to spending cuts.
Ireland passes the latest review of its bailout programme, as Britain's economic forecaster says the Government must find £17bn of savings on top of the current £123bn austerity plan or face a £65bn deficit by 2061.
Italy's bond yields are hovering around the danger zone of 6pc, while civil servants in Spain protest against the government's sweeping austerity measures that were approved by the Spanish cabinet this afternoon.
The IMF said Britain’s growth prospects have dropped sharply over the past three months as the eurozone crisis weighs on recovery, while the top German court says it will only rule on the ESM and fiscal pact in September.
Ben Bernanke, the Fed chairman, said the US economy had slowed significantly due to the eurozone crisis, as reports suggested that Greece will seek a bridging loan to September.
The International Monetary Fund warned the eurozone was in "critical" danger, urging the European Central Bank to tackle the crisis by turning on the printing presses, as Greek leaders continue to wrestle over spending cuts.
Germany's lower house of parliament approved the Spanish banking bailout as Wolfgang Schaeuble, German finance minister, warned Spain faced an "emergency situation".
Spanish borrowing costs climb back above 7pc, as eurozone ministers hold a teleconference to approve up to a €100bn bank rescue.
Stock markets tumbled, Spanish borrowing costs touched new highs and the euro slumped to its lowest level against the yen in almost 12 years on Monday as Spain's debt crisis deepened, raising concerns over the wider eurozone.
Jose Manuel Barroso, head of the European Commission, will visit Greece for the first time since the start of the crisis on Thursday as the country's prime minister said the economy could shrink by more than 7pc this year.
The UK economy has shrunk by a shock 0.7pc in the second quarter, official statistics show, as Spanish officials are forced to deny that Germany is pushing the country to accept a €300bn bail-out.
Markets surge and Spanish borrowing costs fall back below 7pc as the head of the ECB says the euro's critics should not underestimate the political will of leaders to save the single currency.
Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Francois Hollande back ECB President Mario Draghi's pledge to preserve the eurozone after Bundesbank opposes bond buying by the central bank.
US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble urge quick reforms to end a crisis of confidence in the euro, as markets rise on hopes of imminent ECB action to tackle the crisis.
Greece's deputy finance minister warns that the near-bankrupt country is "on the brink" with cash reserves at "almost zero," as eurozone unemployment hits a record level of 11.2pc.
US markets slip as the Federal Reserve warns the economy has lost momentum so far this year and holds off on announcing any new monetary stimulus measures.
ECB President Mario Draghi said a rate cut was discussed but it was decided the time was not right as he stressed the central bank may act independently in markets and use "non-standard measures".
Spain inched closer to seeking a sovereign bailout as prime minister Mariano Rajoy opened the door to a request, but said he would first need to know the attached conditions.
 この間、ロンドン金融界は"LIBOR Scandal"で揺れている。



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独紙"Handels Blatt"ではこういう報道がある。欧州中央銀行による国債買い取りにドイツ連銀総裁が、ただ一人で猛反対をしている。その様子が「孤独な騎士」であるというのだな。

Der einsame Reiter
Im EZB-Rat stand Bundesbank-Chef Weidmann gestern allein. Als einziger von eigentlich 23 Mitgliedern stimmte er gegen die Anleihekäufe. Viele Deutsche teilen seine Skepsis - doch an den Märkten kommt sie nicht gut an.  ...  
Weidmann brandmarkte die Anleihekäufe der EZB immer wieder als Rechtsbruch - und als unvereinbar mit dem Mandat der Zentralbank. "Ich kann nicht erkennen, wie das Vertrauen in ein System zurückkehren soll, das seine Gesetze bricht", gab Weidmann im November 2011 zu Protokoll. (Source: Handels Blatt, 3,8, 2012)


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